Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Alleppey Houseboats a must to include in the Kerala Holiday Package !

Any holiday destination you visit does not only look beautiful because of the place, but will look attractive because of the accommodation, the company you are with and the food you get. South India has its own charm and beauty. The Kerala Holiday package is the most sought especially in the winter season.

Alleppey is a city on the Laccadive sea in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The city is best known for its houseboat cruises and the natural backwaters. It is a home to many waterways and about thousands of boats. And hence Alleppey Houseboats are the most famous here in Kerala.

Most of the Alleppey Houseboats have modern interiors that will suit the daily requirements of the people. The tourists can be extremely comfortable during their stay on these houseboats while they take a tour to the romantic beaches of Alleppey.

The large network of inland canals has earned Alleppey the title “Venice of the East”. These canals provide Alleppey and its people the lifeline. The Kerala Holiday Packages generally do not miss to include this beautiful and attractive destination.

The Alleppey Houseboats were once used to transport the goods from the isolated village interiors to the towns. But as the development fell into place, the boats were not used any more. And hence, people got a new attraction for the tourists from outside. Along with the scenic beauty and the houseboat, the tourists would also enjoy the birds and the ducks along the banks of the backwaters.

Before you choose to spend some quality time in the Alleppey houseboats , just make sure of the requirements you have. There are hotels that can arrange the stay in the houseboats. You can get the stay included in your Kerala Holiday Packages.

These houseboats are air conditioned and shaped well, keeping in mind the convenience. There are properly maintained and neat bathrooms also. For those who love to cook, the houseboat also has the kitchen facility. Sometimes, the guests are also offered the complimentary beer, fruit baskets, flower decoration, etc. to add to the wholesome experience.

The Alleppey Houseboats are both government owned and privately owned. You can make your own choices and preference according to the budgets.  The standards of luxury can be chosen as per your own choices. 

To make your holiday memorable, look for the holiday deals yourself. There are many options from which you can pick to build a memory that will never fade.

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